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Cancer Healing Retreat

About Our Clinic

“Cancer Healing Retreats” is a large upscale home based facility located near the foothills of Escazu, bordering a constantly flowing river, offering the perfect location for relaxation and tranquility. The retreat consists of 2 very private and comfortable master suites both with a view of the garden and our chemical free pool. The climate is said to be warm days and cool nights seems to be the perfect climate to relax.

Once you arrive at our Retreat, we ensure you have everything you need. Our “all inclusive” retreat includes transportation to and from the airport, meals, luxury accommodations and all therapies/supplements personally suitable for you. All you need to bring are your clothes. Other items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, floss, hair dryers and more, will be provided

Dr.Gautier and his staff help you learn how to have a healthy, balanced and most importantly cancer-free lifestyle.
A proper diet and metabolic processes help kill cancer cells, suppresses their growth and proliferation.

Gautier applies a variety of 80+ ALL NATURAL protocols, procedures and supplements developed by the most famous and recognized doctors specializing in cancer reversal from around the world. The synergistic effect of combining these methods provides optimal conditions for the body’s healing process.

Food is one of many essential parts of our treatment. Much time will be spent focusing on food choices and their proper preparation. During your Retreat all meals provided will be prepared by a specialized chef.

Below are just some of the modalities utilized in the retreat:

  • Dr.Clark method which focuses on eliminating toxins and pathogens from the body which is critical in aiding your immune system to help restore the natural healing process
  • Dr.Kelley method which has an emphasis on the metabolic and enzymatic therapies which are critical in increasing immune function and cancer reversal
  • Dr.Gerson, considered one of the first doctors to find the natural process for cancer reversal. His protocols refer to natural whole, live, fresh organic foods necessary for healing, as well as coffee enemas for the elimination of toxins

Magnet Therapy helps reduce tumors, inflammation, pain and also aids in increasing immune function.

Hyperbaric oxygen, used to help oxygenate the body, stimulate the immune system and the production of mother stem cells, this is one of the best ways to stimulate the recovery of health in the body.

Ozone Therapy, the usage of O3 or Ozone has a long history of assisting the body in many ways to heal from chronic illness.

Oil Pulling is an ancinet technique practiced by Ayurvadic practitioners which provides a multitude of health benefits.

Yoga aids and assists i healing the body, a flexible body implies youth and health. Basic yoga and stretching exercises speeds the recovery of the body.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a way of healing from emotional traumas which is mandatory for any cancer reversal. It helps eliminate limiting mental patterns and energy blockages.

Detox Therapies, We apply a variety of detox processes for specific organs as well as specific toxins and pathogens, each one of these detox processes is a vital part of restoring health and boosting immune function.

Chiropractic, The manipulation of the bodies skeletal structure for the purpose of restoring the health of the nervous system, this is paramount in any healing process.

Lymphatic Drainage is a very important process which assists the body in the elimination of toxins through stimulating the movement of the bodies lymph system.

Meditation, through meditation the patient manages to lower their brain frequency which helps them manage stress and negative emotions while allowing higher levels of peace and tranquility.

Grounding Techniques , The earth has a mild negative charge and due to modern life our bodies build up a positive charge, direct contact with the earth can balance this positive charge returning the body to its natural state.

Chakra Balancing is the process of restoring the harmoneous flow of energy across the chakra system of the body, this leaves you with a feeling of well being and wholeness.

Deep Sleep, insomnia reduction, we use a variety of techniques to assist the body in restoring good deep sleep, this is a major cornerstone of health and cannot be comprimised when attempting to reverse any type of cancer.

Supplements, during the retreat you will be introduced to over 60 different supplements that willl help you acheive chemical balance in your bloodstream which is optimal for the recovery of health.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils we use certified pure and powerful botnical healing agents which have been used for thousands of years to balance and steangthen the immune system as well as releive pain and inflammation.

Biological Recodification helps the patient find the origin of the illness, as the patient progresses and regains their inner streanth they feel stronger, safer and more confident.

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Our Doctors
Dr. Gary Gautier