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Dr. Gary Gautier

Dr. Gary Gautier

At “Cancer Healing Retreats” our Dr’s and therapists have been selected based on their specialized ability to address specific root causes related to the cancer process. Each one brings valuable knowledge and experience to your healing journey helping to form a complete holistic healing experience.

Dr. Gary Gautier is a Chiropractor in addition to being a expert alternative health and wellness practitioner with over 36 years of experience helping people overcome serious health conditions of all kinds while specializing in Cancer Reversal. He combines numerous natural methods which have been extremely successful for many decades in helping people overcome all types of chronic illness. He has experience with all stages of cancer, including late stage metastatic cancer cases.

Born in Loma Linda, California, Gary Gautier decided to become a doctor during his college years when reading an article on Dr. LeRoy Perry (see photo of Jack Nicholson and Dr. Perry (right) helping athletes rehabilitate and enhance their body´s capabilities. This encouraged him to become a chiropractor, not only to treat the spine and nerves, but also to work with other areas of the body that were not being addressed correctly. As a doctor, he became more involved in unconventional treatments by learning about alternative care and its positive results in releasing symptom and overcoming illnesses. These holistic health approaches were taught to him by some of the world most renowned lecturers and health gurus of that time, in the 70’s. Over 15 years ago he decided to move to Costa Rica and establish “Cancer Healing Retreats” in an effort to help people from around the world reverse all stages of cancer -including late stage metastatic cancer with alternative techniques as well as numerous cutting-edge methods for cancer reversal that have proven to be extremely successful.

Dr. Gautier is the author of the book HEAL THYSELF, OPTIMUM HEALTH FOREVER His book is an authoritative reference covering everything you need in order to achieve optimal health, overcome serious diseases, and sustain a vital quality of life without the aches and pains of aging. Dr. Gautier is constantly doing research on the novel and best methods of treating cancer naturally without invasive surgery, damaging chemotherapies and radiation therapies.

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