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About Our Clinic

Those affected by cancer often feel powerless and anxious. A cancer diagnosis is hard to take in and is personally overwhelming and burdens your personal environment. In cooperation with UNIFONTIS, we strive to be a reliable and trustworthy partner who places the affected and their individual situation first. Through this we hope to ease the burdens and uncertainty of your loved ones.
The UNIFONTIS team represents integrative oncology. This is one component of holistic medicine that integrates various treatments such as conventional medicine, naturopathy, and psychotherapy to deal with cancer and tumor diseases. Under our care, you will be always be viewed as a person whose health and well-being is our priority, instead of just a patient.

It is important for us to find the most effective treatment and suitable therapy for each individual patient. Keeping the spirit of individual treatment and consultation in mind, the origin of the medical treatments plays absolutely no role. Through this can provide orientation and help due to a multitude of promising treatments and therapies against cancer that are suitable for the patient’s personal situation. As experts, we stay up to date with the latest scientific studies on oncology, assess these, and after intensive scrutiny, provide our patients with the most current treatments.

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Our Doctors
Prof. Dr. Joachim Drevs MD