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Immunotherapy Institute

About Our Clinic

We know that our patients do careful research before choosing an alternative cancer treatment program in Mexico. We’re confident that Immunotherapy Institute offers by far the best program in Tijuana.

We have spent years developing the most innovative natural cancer therapies in the world. We specialize in stage IV cancers because we are uniquely able to apply experimental and proven treatments not available elsewhere. We use the immune system to fight cancer, saving our patients from the dangerous side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The doctors at the Institute are pioneers – plain and simple – and they are here for patients who have been told they are out of options.

We’re a technologically-advanced medical facility
Nowhere else will you find more advanced technology or top-notch facilities. Much of our holistic cancer treatment equipment was created for us or created by us in-house in order to be fully customized to our and our patients’ needs. Since we’re a multi-discipline team, we can pull on expertise in areas as diverse as oncology and nephrology to to determine what specific technologies will deliver whole-patient healing.

We have world-class doctors
Not only are we the only holistic cancer treatment center in Tijuana with a board-certified oncologist on staff, but all of our doctors are leaders in their field. At the Institute, you’ll meet some of the innovators who have changed the face of cancer treatment over the past few decades. Many of our physicians were educated internationally and completed fellowships at world-renowned universities like:

  • University of California in San Diego (UCSD)
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Guadalajara
  • University of Baja California
  • Autonomous University of Guadalajara
  • Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City

We’re backed by an internationally-recognized hospital
The Institute is the only alternative cancer treatment program in Tijuana that is backed by an internationally-recognized hospital – Angeles Hospital, which itself is part of the largest private hospital network in Mexico. Our emergency and hospice patients can take advantage of all the amenities available at a major hospital, including access to emergency care, round-the-clock inpatient care and fully accredited and certified staff and facilities. There are many “standalone” clinics in Tijuana that don’t have any support from a major medical facility.

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Our Doctors
Dr. Ariel Perez Carbajal